Fried Thanksgiving Dinner


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Mama’s homemade stuffing and diced roasted turkey rolled in a ball. Dipped in southern cream corn, then rolled in seasoned corn meal and flashed fried. Served with old-fashioned turkey gravy and zesty orange cranberry sauce for all your dipping needs giving you a complete pre-cooked Thanksgiving dinner – JUST TAKE IT HOME, HEAT UP & EAT!



(& pick up just in time for Thanksgiving)




Fried Thanksgiving Dinner makes an outstanding choice for a simple but flavorful holiday meal for those with a full slate of activities during the long Thanksgiving weekend. Those not wanting to fuss with a full turkey meal will find that the fried alternative provides a delicious option without compromising on flavor. The fare is an excellent choice for an office celebration or for taking to a large family gathering. Whether used as a side or as the main dish, fried Thanksgiving portions will provide holiday guests with a unique and memorable experience.










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